paint roses linoprint
paint roses linoprint

paint roses linoprint

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This is the first lino block print I ever made, and it was started somewhat on a whim while on a summer trip in Portland, known as the city of roses—a subject I’ve always loved to paint and figured I’d also love to carve and print from.  I was right! It was the first of many carved designs / lino prints to come, and I’m glad that it all began with a word and image that both mean a lot to me.    

Like all Jimmy Paints items, this artwork is designed & handprinted with love from my San José printshop / studio.

Artwork approx. 4” x 5”, printed on paper that’s 5” x 7”.  280 gsm Strathmore 400-series paper. 
If you’re unfamiliar with lino printing, it refers to a process that starts with carving a design into a linoleum block, layering ink on top of the carved design, and then printing the relief image onto a surface – paper, fabric, etc. 

And please note: the photos you see here are of a test print that is intended to help you clearly see the design / image you’re purchasing (plus another of the original lino block I carved into); note the specific details provided here regarding the size of the artwork, size of the paper, & paper style.