Cosmic Flow No. 3

Cosmic Flow No. 3

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Energy and matter flows throughout the universe and comes together to form beauty on earth--an important reminder for all of us, at times.  As people around the world began to shelter-in-place in the middle of March 2020, I found myself working out of a makeshift home studio & rediscovering this group of paintings that I had started but never finished.  Over the course of the next few weeks at home, I gradually gave each canvas new life and enjoyed the ritual of coming back to the set  little-by-little, layering in new  colors while viewing and working on the collection as a whole. Through the weeks, I was able to freestyle and improvise with a combination of spray paint and brush-painted acrylic and give each of the pieces the love they always deserved.  The goal was to try and capture something that’s at the same time simple but still universal in its meaning and beauty. 

Like all Jimmy Paints artwork, this piece is designed & hand painted with love in my beloved San José studio (and home studio!).  


Handpainted.  Artist-quality acrylic + spray paint. Heavy duty canvas. 6" x 6" square; 1-½" depth.