still alive linoprint
still alive linoprint

still alive linoprint

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This one is a shout out to my fantastic ability to delay. Procrastinators know that it sometimes feels like you’re buried alive beneath your undone tasks. Maybe someday I’ll learn?

Like all Jimmy Paints items, this artwork is designed & handprinted with love from my San José printshop / studio. 


Artwork approx. 9” x 6”, printed on paper that’s 10” x 8”.  280 gsm Strathmore 400-series paper.

If you’re unfamiliar with lino printing, it refers to a process that starts with carving a design into a linoleum block, layering ink on top of the carved design, and then printing the relief image onto a surface – paper, fabric, etc. 

And please note: the photos you see are of a test print that is intended to help you clearly see the design / image you’re purchasing (plus another of the original lino block I carved into); note the specific details provided here regarding the size of the artwork, size of the paper, & paper style. The artwork you receive will be hand-printed to order!